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Complete Remodeling Group

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At TC Development Group, we offer a wide range of specialized services designed to meet your every need. Our kitchen remodeling services redefine the heart of your home with custom cabinetry, advanced appliances, and exquisite countertops, creating a space that is both functional and stylish. For those seeking a bathroom retreat, we provide elegant upgrades from soothing showers to sophisticated vanities that encapsulate luxury and relaxation. Moreover, we excel in expanding your living space through thoughtful home additions and extensions that flawlessly complement your existing home design.

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Kitchen Remodeling

Remodeling your kitchen can be a big project, but with our professional services, we can make it easy for you. We can help you design your new kitchen, and then handle all the construction and installation. We’ll work with you to make sure everything is just the way you want it, and we’ll make sure the result is a beautiful new kitchen that you’ll love.

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Bathroom Remodeling

Our team is here to assist you if you’re considering remodeling your bathroom. We specialize in bathroom remodeling and can help you create the perfect space for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a complete makeover or just want to update your fixtures, we can assist you in making your vision a reality.

Home Remodeling

Home Remodeling

Our home remodeling services can help you create the home of your dreams. From simple updates to complete renovations, our team can handle any project big or small. We’ll work with you to create a custom solution that fits your budget and lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to add some new features or completely transform your space, we can help.

Complete Remodeling Group

Room Additions

We can tackle any remodeling project you may have. From small office renovations to complete retail makeovers, we can get the job done right. We can work with you to create a custom commercial remodeling solution that fits your needs. We understand that every business is different, and we’ll work hard to ensure that your finished space is perfect for your specific business requirements.


Patios/Porches Remodeling

We pride ourselves on our in-house design team that can create a custom patio just for you. Whether you have a specific vision in mind or need help bringing your ideas to life, our team is here to help. We understand the importance of timely service and we always aim to deliver on our promises. We know that your time is valuable and we’ll always work hard to get the job done right and on time.

Commercial Remodeling

Commercial Remodeling And Renovation Services

We offer professional commercial remodeling services that are focused on our client’s needs and goals. We understand that every business is different, and we tailor our services to meet the specific requirements of each client. The professionals at our company have years of experience in all aspects of commercial remodeling.

Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling & Renovations in Park Ridge, IL

Transform your space into the home of your dreams with TC Development Group. Nestled in the vibrant community of Glenview, IL, our home remodeling company is renowned for delivering unparalleled craftsmanship and innovative design solutions in the realm of home remodeling. Our team of seasoned professionals is committed to bringing your vision to life, whether it involves a modern kitchen overhaul, a luxurious bathroom transformation, or a comprehensive home renovation.

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Home Remodeling Services in Park Ridge Lands Premier Remodeling Contractor

Looking to update your home but not quite sure where to start? Our team of remodeling experts in Park Ridge, IL can help turn your vision into reality. We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every home remodeling project reflects our dedication to excellence. Our approach to remodeling is founded on open and honest communication, keeping you informed and involved from start to finish. Above all, your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and we strive to exceed your expectations at every turn with our home remodeling, bathroom remodeling, and kitchen remodeling services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The timeframe of a home remodeling project depends on the scope and size of the project, as well as any unforeseen issues that may arise during the process. We understand that you want to get back into your home as quickly and efficiently as possible, so our team works to ensure that every project is completed on time. We’ll provide you with an estimated timeline for completion and will keep you updated throughout each step of the way.

Yes, living in your home while it is being remodeled is possible. We recommend that you plan and make sure that you have a safe space available for yourself and your family during the renovation process. If necessary, you can also move out and stay elsewhere during the project. Talk to our team of experts and they will be able to advise you on the best course of action.

A wide range of kitchen cabinets is available to fit your particular needs and budget. Depending on your particular style, you may choose from stock cabinets, semi-custom cabinets, or custom-made cabinetry. Stock cabinets typically have a set size and range of styles, while semi-custom and custom cabinet makers will have a wider selection of sizes, materials, finishes, and customized features. Consider your available space, budget, and storage needs when selecting the perfect kitchen cabinets for your home remodel!

When you sign up for a free estimate with us, we provide a full breakdown of what is included in the project. This includes a detailed cost estimate that takes into account labor and materials, as well as an estimated timeline. We also provide an in-depth consultation on how to get the most out of your remodeling investment.

Premium Home Remodeling Contractor

We are a home remodeling contractor that specializes in high-end homes. We have a wide range of services that we offer, from simple renovations to complete home makeovers. We work with our clients to create a space that is both beautiful and functional. Our team of designers and craftsmen are some of the best in the business, and we take pride in our work. The goal of our remodeling project is to create a home that is both welcoming and comfortable for our clients. You can contact us if you have any questions about our services or if you would like to learn more about them.

About Park Ridge, IL

Park Ridge, Illinois, a charming suburb located just northwest of Chicago, exudes timeless elegance, community spirit, and a rich history. Known for its tree-lined streets, historic architecture, and vibrant downtown area, Park Ridge offers residents the perfect blend of small-town charm and urban convenience.

One of Park Ridge’s defining features is its picturesque downtown district, filled with boutique shops, cozy cafes, and upscale dining establishments. Residents and visitors alike can stroll along Main Street, taking in the historic storefronts and vibrant atmosphere. The Park Ridge Public Library, housed in a beautiful building reminiscent of a grand mansion, serves as a hub of cultural and intellectual activity, offering a wide range of resources, programs, and events for all ages.

Park Ridge is also celebrated for its strong sense of community and civic engagement. The town hosts numerous events and festivals throughout the year, including the annual Fourth of July parade, which draws crowds from near and far. Residents actively participate in local initiatives and organizations, fostering connections and creating a welcoming environment for all. With its historic charm, thriving downtown, and tight-knit community, Park Ridge remains a beloved destination for those seeking a quintessential suburban lifestyle just minutes away from the bustling city of Chicago.

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